A Peek Inside Part II

June 15th, 2011

by Victoria M. Johnson

Before reality sets in, I thought I’d give you more views of my cozy new mobile home. I fear the packing process will be such a rude awakening that I might not be in such good spirits. I want to bask in the glow of merriment that we’re staying put in the city we love for a little bit longer. (Photo of staged kitchen. We haven’t moved in yet).

A Diva's Kitchen

This experience has certainly been a challenge, exhausting sometimes, and it’s nice to have the strain of the search behind us. I feel for the families across the country that has had to go through similar experiences with children to worry about. I know the loss of a home is bad enough, but add uprooting kids from their schools, their friends and activities, and that has got to be ten times tougher.

Maybe a family in your neighborhood is facing the same fate. I think we not only need to stick together as a family, but as a nation. We’ll get through this period. There will be good times again. Just don’t give up. If this Diva can move into a mobile home and be happy about it, anything can happen.

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