Being Shoved Out The Door

December 28th, 2012

by Victoria M. Johnson

The banker’s realtor showed up on our doorstep to tell us we had three days to get out.  This even though he had taped a notice on the door itself.  He could see boxes everywhere, could see I was harried from overwork, could see empty rooms and that we were well on our way to getting out.  Yet he felt a need to threaten us with lawsuit if we weren’t out in three days.  My hubby somehow remained poised.  Personally, I wanted to punch the realtor in the nose.  He looked around, making sure we weren’t damaging the ‘bank’s’ property.  Was he for real?  My husband spoke sternly to him, causing the goon to retreat.

While the downstairs had been dealt with, I hadn’t yet begun on the upstairs rooms.  And, worse still, I hadn’t made a dent in the garage.  Just when I had been feeling positive, my spirits sunk.  I would now have to rush.  Rushing compounds stress.  But it had to be done.

Being Shoved Out The Door

That goon would show up again on the second day and on the third day it got really ugly.  Did the bank treat other families like this?  The goon’s behavior was abhorrent and I can’t imagine single moms or senior citizens having to deal with a bully like him.  What was his hurry?  Did he have buyers lined up ready to steal the house for a fraction of the cost?   Did the buyers demand to move in by the end of the week or something?  Who knows the cause of his rudeness.  We weren’t leaving a moment before the 72 hours on the notice.

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