Rented Storage Space to the Rescue

July 6th, 2012

by Victoria M. Johnson

With the need to move faster at packing, and the realization that, although a lot of items were being donated, we still had too much that couldn’t fit in our new home.  My hubby and I recognized that a storage unit would be necessary.  Normally I would think that this tactic went opposite of downsizing.  Who needs to pay rent to store things that they don’t need?  Well, I felt I still needed items and I wasn’t ready to part with them.

As you can imagine, emotions run high in stressful situations, such as losing a home.  Why add to the stress by forcing yourself to do everything all at once?  Help keep your sanity and your marriage intact by not stressing over the small things.  Making decisions on several items might have tipped me over the edge.  I don’t know.  Thankfully, my hubby agreed.  We rented a storage unit and I promised I would return to it within a year to review the contents to see if I still had the need for each item.  That’s a great strategy.  After a year of living without the item, surely it would be easier to say, “This can go.”

A Diva’s Movie Room

Packing my beloved Movie Room occurred fast after that decision.  Everything was a keeper—except the furniture.  I felt a twinge of nostalgia for my 65” HD television that had been the star of film screenings of my short films, Oscar parties, and Syfy Channel original movie premieres.  (Shark Week, anyone)?  Much laughter, film discussions, and stimulating conversations occurred around that TV.  It went to the Goodwill, along with the sofas and coffee table.  I had the certainty that friends would still gather in our new home, and that we would make new memories regardless of the size of our TV or home.

What do you think?  Was renting a storage unit a wise option?

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