We Did It!

June 13th, 2011

by Victoria M. Johnson

After receiving the fantastic news of being accepted as new residents, we were thrilled and of course we celebrated. I toasted my husband for finding the property and his vigorous negotiation to purchase it. I was so happy that we would continue living near our family and friends. Though a move that required a massive downsize would be a major change for any diva, I was grateful that my life wasn’t changing too drastically. After all, I would keep my current daytime employment as a grant writer, I could stay active with my volunteer work, and my writing colleagues and filmmaking connections were still close by. We lucked out, right? We weren’t forced to move far away.

Then it hit me.

How on Earth was I going to downsize from 1800 square feet to 800 square feet? What had I been thinking?

A Diva's Bedroom

There was no way I could bring all the things I needed from our old place to our new home. I was really going to have to let some things go. A new kind of dread enveloped me. Where would I begin?

This wasn’t simply a matter of losing a thousand square feet of indoor space. I was losing the functional exterior spaces and my large garage, too.

Why had I thought moving into a mobile home was a good idea?

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