Welcome To My World

May 25th, 2011

by Victoria M. Johnson

I’m just like any other high-maintenance middle-class American woman: I juggle my family life, with my professional life, and my secret writing life. Okay maybe not every diva dreams of being a bestselling author or an award winning filmmaker, but certainly every diva aspires to hosting enviable cocktail parties and champagne brunches.

A crucial element to this scenario is living in a house made for entertaining. You know sprawling yard, swimming pool, and an open floor plan interior. I have such a house. And I have put it to good use entertaining friends and family. My motto: no occasion is too small to celebrate. That is, until my practical husband burst my bubble and told me we had to downsize.

“You mean from a two-story to a one-story?” I asked. Or perhaps he meant from a three-bedroom to a two-bedroom.

“More.” he said.

How do you downsize more? Surely he wasn’t thinking about a one-bedroom. I felt a bead of sweat form on my brow.

4 Responses to “Welcome To My World”

  1. LA Kurth says:

    I LOVE this! No wonder it was picked up by AOL. And I agree. Your new house is charming and amazingly, it still has the feel of the bigger one. Looking forward to parties. 🙂

  2. Hi Victoria. Great new venture. See you around the blogOsphere!

  3. mikie says:

    hi V,
    Due to my recent lay off, we may be joining you soon. Are there any vacancies at your trailer park?

    • Victoria M. Johnson says:

      mikie » So sorry to hear about the layoff. Hang in there. Would love to have you as neighbors!

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