Where Do I Begin?

July 27th, 2011

by Victoria M. Johnson

You know how it is when you have a hundred things to do and you begin one thing, which reminds you to do two other things, which reminds you to do another? Well, that’s my life right now and it isn’t pretty.

We need to paint our new home before we can move things in. We also need to purge before we pack, but first we must sort before we purge, which requires making room for spreading out in order to see what should be donated, stored, packed, or tossed.  We can’t really clear things away, until we know where they’re going. I feel like I’m running in circles. I’m not looking forward to the dreaded tasks (purging and cleaning). I want to enjoy the fun tasks (painting and moving in).

Divas use Recycled Packing Materials

I actually got a head start with my office two months ago. I hired a professional organizer who came to help me clear the clutter. As you might imagine, a writer collects a lot of paper. She had gasped at my office threshold.

“Is this the worst office you’ve ever seen,” I asked her.

“No.” She kept her composure. “But it will take longer than I thought.”

With her help, I filled about 9 boxes for shredding and a couple of bags for garbage; and made the office more efficient. So I feel confident saving my office for last.

I decide to start in the living room. It wasn’t as daunting as the kitchen or bedrooms. It shouldn’t take me long at all.

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