The Moment of Truth

June 10th, 2011

by Victoria M. Johnson

The interview panel consisted of three people, two owners of the park and the park manager. To my husband’s credit, immediately after the introductions and handshakes, he got right to the point. He dove directly into the questions on everybody’s minds about losing our home. They listened compassionately and asked no further questions about our finances. Though we were with these very friendly people about 45 minutes, I cannot recall most of the conversation.

The one thing that vividly comes to mind is that my husband made the mistake of saying, “We really like this trailer park.” Everyone in the room squirmed and I squeezed my husband’s hand.
“It’s a mobile home park. Not a trailer park,” one of the owners said.
The manager went over a few of the rules, where visitors could park, the procedures for reserving the community room, seeking approvals before performing any construction work, rules for pets, etc.
My husband used the “trailer” word a few more times, causing others to correct him, myself included.

Time to celebrate!

The interview ended up being a pleasant event. But we still had to wait a couple of days to hear the news. “Your application is approved. We’d like you to become part of our community.”

Whoo hoo!

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