The Acceptance Interview

June 8th, 2011

by Victoria M. Johnson

Our offer had been submitted and accepted by the seller, the trailer park’s paperwork had been completed, and the background checks were underway. (Yes, the park performed a background check on us). The only thing left that stood in the way of us becoming residents of the trailer park was that acceptance interview.

I’m never nervous at job interviews so I wondered why I had butterflies in my stomach. Probably because my writer’s mind imagined all the things that could go wrong. The biggest thing I feared was answering a question incorrectly. What if they asked about my gardening prowess? My beautiful plots of roses and fruit trees and lawns at my previous home were due to my hired gardeners.  What if they asked about my hobbies? I couldn’t say watching disaster movies on my enormous TV with surround sound and the volume turned way up. What if they asked about how often we expected visitors? It wouldn’t do to tell them we enjoy hosting frequent parties with live music, lots of bubbly and exuberant guests.

The Acceptance Interview

To relieve my anxiety, I read up on co-op interviews so that I would know what to expect. Divas do not like being caught unprepared. According to a New York Times article, “in addition to being ready for a thorough grilling on finances, applicants should be prepared to disclose personal aspects of their lives.” Uh, that doesn’t help. A tip sheet on says, “More is less, do not elaborate or ask questions, an innocent question might offend a board member.” Great. As if I wasn’t already apprehensive about one of us putting his foot in his mouth.

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