A Unique Opportunity

June 5th, 2011

by Victoria M. Johnson

“It’s located right here in town,” my husband said.
I hadn’t seen him that excited about a property before. “Okay. Let’s have a look.”

As he drove, I mentally went through my home wish list. By now I had whittled down my expectations. I was prepared to really cut back. We absolutely needed a roof over our heads, a kitchen, room for a bed and a TV, and a place for a desk. We also had to have high-speed Internet access. I’m a writer remember? I could live without the cable if I absolutely had to.

Reading through the realtor’s flyer more closely, I become very excited. Yet I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

Mobile homes aren't what they used to be.

Finally, we reached the park. It was nestled in an appealing residential area, surrounded by greenery. As we passed homes to reach the trailer, I was pleasantly surprised. “These don’t look like trailers at all,” I said. Many residences had flower gardens and fruit trees, some had decorative outdoor patios, and others had inviting porches. All were well maintained, freshly painted, and cared-for.

My husband pulled up to a nondescript doublewide trailer with a white fence. I jumped out of the car to see the interior. It had no pool, no lawn, and no garage, but to me it was beautiful.

From the moment I stepped inside, I fell in love. The living space seemed spacious due to the open floor plan. The kitchen was amazing. It had plenty of storage for all my Wolfgang Puck appliances and Sur La Table paraphernalia I had collected over the years. I could see us entertaining here. The two bedrooms and two bathrooms were suitable. The closets were exceptional.

“Do you like it?” my husband asked.

Make an offer,” I said. “Today!”

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