What’s The Catch?

June 6th, 2011

by Victoria M. Johnson

Attractive home, fantastic neighborhood, low price… surely there’s no catch. Right?

As it turns out, we can’t just make an offer, have it accepted, and we get the keys. My husband tells me there’s a catch.

“We have to pass an interview by the park owners. There’s an approval process to live here.”
“We have to be interviewed to move into a trailer park?” I asked. I thought only exclusive New York co-op properties interviewed potential owners. I also thought my husband was pulling my leg. The worst part is, my husband wasn’t kidding.

What not to wear to a trailer park interview.

I expected there to be multiple offers and a bidding war to contend with. I never expected we might lose the home because of a personal interview by people who could say no if they didn’t like me.

For the first time throughout this process I was scared. What if they decided I didn’t fit in? This was a peculiar feeling for a diva. I didn’t want to blow it, for my husband’s sake as well as my own.

But my next thought was, what does one wear to a trailer park interview? I honestly didn’t know what to wear.

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