With Time Running Out…

June 3rd, 2011

by Victoria M. Johnson

Prior to the recession, things that frustrated me were simple: a giveaway at your favorite cosmetic counter, and they’re all out of your shade; or the day you’re available, is the same day your stylist is on vacation; or your favorite book is being made into a movie, and they just cast lame stars.

However, since the downturn, I think dictionaries should add a new definition for the word ‘frustration.’ Here’s how I would describe it: Trying to work with your bank to refinance. Frustration increases due to your loan being sold to a different bank, which then sells it to another bank, further hindering your efforts. Frustration reaches its peak when the bank begins sending increasingly threatening letters.

With the clock ticking, my husband came through with another place to see. “I think you’ll really like this one,” he said, handing me a flyer.

“It’s in a different trailer park.”

Eating a bowl of chocolate chunk ice cream, I barely glanced at it. But the stunning interior photos caught my eye. I took the flyer.

“This is a trailer?”

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